New Castle Wedding | Karen + Bill


With snow and evergreens, christmas trees, red and white roses, and rhinestones catching the light.  Karen and Bill got married.  The bridal party braved a few minutes of the sub 20 F temperatures to get photographed in the snow....lace, red gowns, and roses look so beautiful in a snowy landscape.  Then it was in to the sanctuary of First United Methodist Church for vows and ring exchange and a unity ceremony that included the children.

The holiday details carried over to Gallo's Italian Villa for the reception with candle light, poinsettias and the famous Pittsburgh Cookie Table tradition.

Park Inn by Radisson Wedding | Nikki + Jim


Nicole and Jim.  Thank you.  From out first conversation to photographing your wedding.  You have been amazing as clients.  The very best of wishes for a lifetime of happiness and joy.  

Wedding photography by:  Tami Weingartner

Ceremony:  Church of The Good Shepherd

Wedding day portraits:  Buhl Farm Park

Cake:  Clarancedale Cake

Invitations:  Steve Schwartz

Florals:  Green's Floral Shop

Dress:  The Exquisite Bride

Hair/MUA:  Styling One Salon

Reception:  Park in by Radisson

Friendship | New Castle, PA


One of the sweetest treasures of life as a woman (or girl) are our relationships with each other.  Our girlfriends are with us to share in the joy's that life brings as well as each others sorrows and heartaches.  She is available for quick trips to the coffee shop to catch up.  Or longer trips to for more serious discussions.  She can be counted on for laughs.  She will hold your secrets close.  She will love your family and you will love hers.  She wants what is best for you. And you will want what is best for her.  

As a photographer of relationships....I love to photograph the joy my clients find in each other.  In the silly, sweet, kind and heartfelt moments.  The smiles, the side looks, and the belly laughs that occur on each adventure that is a photo session.  Finding the authentic in every relationship.  

BFF Photography Session by Tami Weingartner

Shot on Location at:  Lawrence County Court House & Two River Artisan Coffee Works

Senior | Marissa | WAHS '17


The best part of being a natural light senior photographer in Western Pennsylvania is our endless options.  Woods, open fields and lovely historic buildings and churches that make the perfect backdrops.  Add in the beautiful fall colors and the light of the setting sun and we are in the gold.  

Marissa....I had such a lovely evening photographing you.  Thanks so much for your willingness and openness to the camera and the experience.  I can honestly say that your composure while herds of students walked (and sometimes jogged, singing in 80's leotards) was well and truly amazing.  

Best of wishes with the rest of your senior year!



SNPJ Wedding | Ashley + Chip


Ashley and Chip had a lovely fall wedding at SNPJ.  The bride got ready at home with her family, good friends and adorable little dogs as witnesses.  Pairing  a lovely illusion laced sleeve dress with a long row of buttons to cowboy boots.  Ashley and her bridesmaids also rocked denim jackets over formal wear which kept them warm and looked fantastic.  The groom wore a camo vest, jeans, boots and a jacket.  

With lots of DIY Wedding elements made by the bride.  Shotgun shells (embracing the grooms passion for hunting), burlap centerpieces, painted pumpkins, brooch bouquets embracing her love of horses.   And that cake!?! Genius...half came and half traditional white.  And....what a fun dollar dash!  The bride came out the winner by a slim margin...and her new husband lost the wager and stuck doing dishes.  Hope he holds to it.

Western PA Wedding Photographer

Senior | Jenna | NHS '17


It was an absolute honor to photograph Jenna who is  graduating from Neshannock High School in the spring of 2017.  We chased the beautiful light until the sun was gone.  And Stormy even helped to make some dreams come true by agreeing to be a stand in equine model.  

Best of wishes in Cosmetology school and beyond Jenna!  I hope to work with you in the future when your certified as a MUA!!!!

St. Edward Wedding | Nikki + Chuck


Nikki and Chuck got married in a beautiful Friday evening ceremony in Blawnox at St. Edward Church after getting ready at an aunts lovely home in Fox Chapel.  We were lucky to be able to rework the timeline a bit to get 15 minutes in between raindrops to photograph the couple in and around the church yard.  

Then off they went to a cocktail party to celebrate their marriage with close friends and family.

Photography:  Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer Tami Weingartner

Florals:   Posies By Patti

Senior | Anthony | WAHS '17


I get to meet and photograph amazing humans.  My job is to attempt to unravel the mystery of who someone is and then photograph them trying to capture that spark.  Sometimes without even getting the chance to speak with them in advance.  

In the case of Wilmington Area High School Senior, Anthony, I had the honor of photographing his brother last year so I knew that I would be sent a polite person who wanted to make sure that Mom was going to be happy with the photos.  So we were well on our way to a successful senior photo session.  

Anthony congratulations on your many accomplishments.  Captain of a fantastic football team.  Team mates who respect and speak highly of you.  Good grades.  A great sense of humor.  But most important of all.  A kindness of spirit and willingness to protect and serve.

The very best of wishes to you in the future.  




St. Vincent DePaul Wedding | Paula + Greg


Paula and Greg.  Thank you so much for hiring me to document your love and wedding.  I will never forget the day I I first met you both.  I remember the exact location that I was standing when I declared to the universe that I was going to photograph your wedding one way or the other.  

And only two short years later here we are.  It was everything I thought it would be and more.  You will both always hold a special place in my heart.  

Photography by Tami Weingartner

Locations:  St. Vincent DePaul, Pearson Park, The New Engalander   

Flowers:  Butz Flowers

Family | New Wilmington, PA


End of the summer portrait session here at the outdoor studio space in Neshannock Township.  I love the end of day light.  It rivals early mornings here for sure.  If your thinking about a fall family session please book early.  I only have a couple of weekend spots available in September and October :)

Outtake:  If you can't have fun with your mom....who can you have fun with??? :)

Outtake:  If you can't have fun with your mom....who can you have fun with??? :)

Rainy County Fair Morning


I brought my niece and her friend to the County Fair on opening day. We had a lovely couple of hours in spite of the rain.  I love the 'vintage' inspired vendor trailers that are serving lemonade and coffee with donuts .  We spent time feeding the butterflies.   And of course walked through the home economics building and watched the ladies quilting and admired the produce, flowers and canned goods.

Friday last, I was asked to be on the judges panel and was happy to help judge the Adult Photography division.  So many talented locals documenting their daily lives with cameras, it was a real honor to look at each and every photo.  So we peeked in to see them on display.  

But the highlight of the day was the conversation.  Listening to the girls talk to each other.  And the thoughtful questions that they had for me.  It was both heartening and amusing.

We had silly questions like...  Dunkin Donuts vs Starbuck which ended as a unanimous vote for Starbucks. I mean it was a no brainer really.

As we walked by the county Republican booth with its array of Trump paraphernalia for the taking.  They asked who I was going to vote for.  I answered.  It was followed by the question why?  To which I responded that I believe her to be the more compassionate candidate.  And that our world needs strong compassionate leaders.  To which Riley replied "I would vote for her if I could because I think it's good for girls to see what we can be president too".  Indeed it is.

And then a surprisingly large amount of reasoning and supportive arguements over this next question of:  "If you could only be 'inside the house' or 'outside of the house' which would you choose?"  The girls chose inside only (mostly due to shelter concerns and night time security).  I chose outside only.  They were flabbergasted. 

Are you safer with Police or Firemen.  The girls were split on this.  Riley was very firm that Policemen were to be the most trusted...not only would they protect you in an emergency but they have the power to track down wrongdoers.  Anna had an interesting answer that Firemen were trustworthy, good at rescuing and could use their firehoses as weapons if they felt they needed to.   I gave the deciding vote for Fireman.

This was a day off well spent!



Senior | Cole | New Wilmington, PA


Cole Cameron, Class of 2016, WAHS

I love a post graduation photography session!  It always seems different.  Lighter in feel.  The future being firmly fixed in the crosshairs.  A sense of the individual boldly stepping out of their teen years and into adulthood.  A truly momentous occasion.   

Shot by:  Tami Weingartner

Location:  Private Angus Farm in Neshannock Township, Lawrence County, PA

Family | Canfield, OH


It was an absolute joy to photograph these two beautiful children prior to their birthday celebrations.  Mom and I cooked up a session that was able to showcase both personalities and interests at this age in true lifestyle session form. 

And how about the beautiful end of day light...the golden hour at it's finest.  I love being a natural light photographer :)  

Photography:  Tami Weingartner

Locations:  Canfield Fairgrounds, Private Residence


Engaged | Paula + Greg


Paula and Greg waited till the spring bloom here at the farm in New Wilmington, PA to have their Engagement session done.  So not only did they have something to look forward to through the winter but I did too.  I think I might have been more excited to photograph them then they were.  Can't wait for the wedding.  I think we are coming back to my outdoor studio for the bridal's with the whole wedding party.  It'll be the first full wedding party to be photographed here!

Photography by Tami Weingartner

Location: The Horse Farm in New Wilmington, PA & Outdoor Studio in Neshannock Township