Senior | Anthony | WAHS '17


I get to meet and photograph amazing humans.  My job is to attempt to unravel the mystery of who someone is and then photograph them trying to capture that spark.  Sometimes without even getting the chance to speak with them in advance.  

In the case of Wilmington Area High School Senior, Anthony, I had the honor of photographing his brother last year so I knew that I would be sent a polite person who wanted to make sure that Mom was going to be happy with the photos.  So we were well on our way to a successful senior photo session.  

Anthony congratulations on your many accomplishments.  Captain of a fantastic football team.  Team mates who respect and speak highly of you.  Good grades.  A great sense of humor.  But most important of all.  A kindness of spirit and willingness to protect and serve.

The very best of wishes to you in the future.