Friendship | New Castle, PA

One of the sweetest treasures of life as a woman (or girl) are our relationships with each other.  Our girlfriends are with us to share in the joy's that life brings as well as each others sorrows and heartaches.  She is available for quick trips to the coffee shop to catch up.  Or longer trips to for more serious discussions.  She can be counted on for laughs.  She will hold your secrets close.  She will love your family and you will love hers.  She wants what is best for you. And you will want what is best for her.  

As a photographer of relationships....I love to photograph the joy my clients find in each other.  In the silly, sweet, kind and heartfelt moments.  The smiles, the side looks, and the belly laughs that occur on each adventure that is a photo session.  Finding the authentic in every relationship.  

BFF Photography Session by Tami Weingartner

Shot on Location at:  Lawrence County Court House & Two River Artisan Coffee Works