Weddings & Engagement Session Prior to April 2016


If you are reading this far you've probable followed a link for Engagement and Wedding photographs.  Soooooo where are the rest of the photos.  Wellllll.....they are coming.  I'm having to rebuild my archives.  When I created this lovely new website the content from my old blog disappeared :( 

Trust me....that was a super sad day.  And although the text was all backed up the images to match were backed up separately.  So it's very time consuming to rebuild 6 years of blog posts.  So from this point back I'll be rebuilding the old content as I have time over 2017.  And instead of full posts...your just going to see a few of my favorites from each wedding prior to 2016 that I've shot along with a few comments called "Photographer Notes".


Tami Weingartner