Rainy County Fair Morning


I brought my niece and her friend to the County Fair on opening day. We had a lovely couple of hours in spite of the rain.  I love the 'vintage' inspired vendor trailers that are serving lemonade and coffee with donuts .  We spent time feeding the butterflies.   And of course walked through the home economics building and watched the ladies quilting and admired the produce, flowers and canned goods.

Friday last, I was asked to be on the judges panel and was happy to help judge the Adult Photography division.  So many talented locals documenting their daily lives with cameras, it was a real honor to look at each and every photo.  So we peeked in to see them on display.  

But the highlight of the day was the conversation.  Listening to the girls talk to each other.  And the thoughtful questions that they had for me.  It was both heartening and amusing.

We had silly questions like...  Dunkin Donuts vs Starbuck which ended as a unanimous vote for Starbucks. I mean it was a no brainer really.

As we walked by the county Republican booth with its array of Trump paraphernalia for the taking.  They asked who I was going to vote for.  I answered.  It was followed by the question why?  To which I responded that I believe her to be the more compassionate candidate.  And that our world needs strong compassionate leaders.  To which Riley replied "I would vote for her if I could because I think it's good for girls to see what we can be president too".  Indeed it is.

And then a surprisingly large amount of reasoning and supportive arguements over this next question of:  "If you could only be 'inside the house' or 'outside of the house' which would you choose?"  The girls chose inside only (mostly due to shelter concerns and night time security).  I chose outside only.  They were flabbergasted. 

Are you safer with Police or Firemen.  The girls were split on this.  Riley was very firm that Policemen were to be the most trusted...not only would they protect you in an emergency but they have the power to track down wrongdoers.  Anna had an interesting answer that Firemen were trustworthy, good at rescuing and could use their firehoses as weapons if they felt they needed to.   I gave the deciding vote for Fireman.

This was a day off well spent!