Family | Sheris + Lulu | New Wilmington PA

Sheris and Lulu. This is my second time photographing Sheris and Lulu…the first was 8 years ago I think. I need to pull those photos and check. But I’m pretty sure.

And not much has changed….Lulu still loves Sheris. Is only interested in Sheris. And can’t be directed by the photographer (me) only by Sheris.

Which means….Sheris has to be in every single shot in order for Lulu to be in the frame. And I love that. Because that means that I get to photograph Sheris who has the most gorgeous genuine soul. Plus the most lovely meaningful tattoos.


And her and Lulu have the cutest relationship. Lulu doing Toy Fox Terrier things which involve her nose to the ground and scurrying around checking everything out. And Sheris patiently waiting for Lu to get tired of exploring and come for a cuddle.

Thank you Sheris for trusting me to photograph you, even at 7am without makeup…see I told you you would look great. And for letting me play with all the pretty morning light. My wish is that you cherish these photos forever.