Branding | Nicole Cassano | Color Street Independent Stylist

I’m super excited to introduce to you Nicole Cassano who (amoungst other things) is an Color Street Independnt Stylist. I asked Nicole to answer a few questions (with a little help from ‘In The Company of Women’) to pair up with a Branding Photographs I did for her. I think you will find her words and advice both inspiring and as heartfelt as I have always found her to be.


TW: Where is your business located?

NC: Currently I reside in New Castle, PA. But my business can be anywhere my phone is! The best thing about Color Street is that I have location freedom. I can run it from virtually anywhere. I can lie in bed and work. I can go to my local park and work. I can sit at a cafe in Paris and work. As long as I have access to cellular data and/or wi-fi for a small part of the day, I can catch up with my team and customers. 

TW: What is your favorite thing about New Castle,PA?

NC: The favorite thing about my town is that my family is here. I have a large family and we are very close. I love spending as much time with them as I can. 


TW: At what point in your life did you decide to begin with Color Street? What attracted you to it?

NC: I see my Color Street business as an extension of my entrepreneurial spirit. I became a business owner in 2009 with my photography business. Over time, I developed marketing skills and began to really enjoy the marketing and networking aspect of business ownership more and more. That was what initially called me to start up with Color Street. And of course how AWESOME the product is! So you could say that the stars aligned for this! 


TW: Name a woman (or women) past or present whom you admire or look up to?

NC: I’m going to give a very general answer here. Rather than pinpoint one woman that has made headlines, became mainstream, or changed history.... I can honestly say I admire absolutely ANY woman who is out there living her life to the fullest, speaking her mind, creating her dreams and never giving up on the road to success. Just because you may not become a household name does not mean you are not making a difference in this world. If you are reading this and you strive each day to become a better person, I admire YOU. 


TW: What is your best piece of business advice to those just starting out?

NC: Don’t give up. Failures are a given. Expect them, learn from them, and move on. Have faith in your journey. Everything had to happen exactly as it did to get you where you’re going next. 

TW: In moments of self doubt and adversity, how do you build yourself back up?

NC: I read lots and lots of self development books. I also firmly believe that thoughts become things. So I have trained myself to switch back to positive thoughts when my mind starts to stray.


TW: What does success mean to you?

NC: Success is achieving the perfect balance in life. A truly successful person is a happy person and happiness means different things for everyone. If you can balance your life in such a way that you’ve made time to enjoy all the priorities in your life (time, money, and relationships), you are a success. 


TW: If you were magically given three more hours per day, what would you do with them?

NC: It feels like I already have been given more hours. The beauty of running an automated at-home business is that I work less hours per day. I’ve cut the commute. And I can take a “vacation” or “request a day off” whenever I want.I no longer have to wish for more hours. I have created them for myself. 


TW: Name your greatest success (or something you’re most proud of) in your business experiences.

NC: The ability to make people feel good. Whether I show a bride a gorgeous photo of herself or whether I have recruited and trained a budding business owner to her first big Color Street payday....I love knowing I helped them feel that way. 

TW: Name the biggest overall lesson you’ve learned in running a business.

NC: Make time for yourself, your family and loved ones. Search until you find a business and a mindset that allows you to do it all. 


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