10 Years of Photography + Blogging

I started blogging in 2008.  It feels a bit surreal to realize it's been 10 years!  As my photography business began to grow I became more interested in telling clients stories instead of my own.  First by blogging families, weddings and events.  And then by sharing those photographic stories on social media.

This past month, after a winter spent journaling (the old fashion way...pen to paper) I realized that I want to share more.  More of my life.  More of the moments that have deep meaning to me.  More of my 'why'.  

Also. By exploring my 'why' I realized that I've gotten away from something in my photography over the last 8 years.  And while "technically" my photography is better then ever.  I want to come back to my original focus.  

Relationships.  Of all kinds.


Exploring relationships is what drew me towards photography.  Not only wedding days, but the full range of relationships that we experience over our lifetimes.  In addition to sharing on social media, I'm coming home to where the journey first began....the blog.

During the upcoming weeks and months I'll be answering questions and sharing conversations I've had.   Insights from photographing over 200 weddings and taking over 1000 portraits of people.  What it's like to be a full time photographer and creative.  Photo essays of local entrepreneurs and creatives at work.  Last years weddings through a slightly different perspective then what I've shared before (hint less detail shots and more emotion).  And the relaunch of my portrait business which is expanding beyond just pretty portraits and back to my storytelling roots.  Plus...more horses!  A whole heck of a lot more horses!

ALSO... after a two year hiatus from teaching photography workshops I'll be back and teaching the elements of storytelling for everyone with a camera so that you can to document your lives while living fully present.  With a DSLR, mirrorless or cell phone camera.

So more of me and my important relationships + more of the stories of the relationships that I get to photograph.

Feel free to reach out to me via the contact page if you have any questions you would like to see answered.