Q+A | Where Am I Located | New Wilmington PA

Where am I located?  What do I like about my hometown of New Wilmington, PA?


My business is located right where I live.  New Wilmington, PA! I was born and raised and have lived here my whole life.  However 6 years ago my husband and I moved off the family farm to 4 miles down the road and technically we live in what is considered on the map as Sunset Valley in Neshannock, PA.  However if anyone asks...I just say New Wilmington where Westminster College is located.  

Here is my top 10 things I love about my hometown:

  • Rural Rolling Hills.  And when I say rural I mean people literally still travel by horse and buggy here.  Its a fully immersive experience.
  • Close Proximity....Pittsburgh, Lake Erie & the Allegheny Mountains.  Pretty much all within an hour or so drive.  We can head into the 'big city' and catch a pirates game or spend a Sunday afternoon at CMOA.  Up to the mountains to hang out with friends at camp and enjoy the beautiful air and forests.  Or pack up a picnic and our sweet little dog for a afternoon at the beach in Presque Isle. 
  • Farmland.  We are surrounded by it.  We live in the middle of pasture fields surrounded by hayfields and Black Angus.  I love the open land and old fence lines.  The wooded breaks between the fields.  The big old oak trees in the pasture.  Gravel roads.
  • Where everybody knows everyone.  If I don't know us and we don't know you then you must be new here...literally.
  • Small business and small farms.  You can buy everything from hand made furniture to art to plants.  All made and grown right here with love and usually in a multi-generational business.
  • Wildlife.  Deer.  Turkey.  Fox.  Mink.  Opposum.  Black Bear.  Waterfowl.  Songbirds.  All day, everyday encounters.  It's amazing to be so close to all these beautiful creatures we share this planet with.
  • Produce.  You can go straight to the farmer and get everything from produce to eggs to fruit.  All fresh and all grown on the farm or in the orchard.
  • Horses.  Western Pennsylvania is very horse friendly and New Wilmington is for sure at the heart of that.  Lots of places to trail ride and pretty safe to ride on that road.  I used to ride my pony to town to get ice cream when I was a kid.  We would cut through farmers fields and jump over fences.  I think I need to try to see if I can still do that this summer (well maybe we will utilize the gates).  
  • Four Seasons.  Fall.  Winter.  Spring.  Summer.  I love the changes.  But I have a favorite....that would be fall.
  • Family and Lifelong Friends.  I left this one last but it's really the most important to me.  Our combined family and lifelong friends are here.  And yes some have moved away but they all come back here....back to home.  And I love that.  I love the security of knowing we are together and I love that we are all together.