Wild Storm | The Calendar v. 2018

This year I released my first ever Wild Storm desk calendar.  I thought that narrowing down 12 black and white images would be easy.  However making sure that the photograph selected was representative of the month in question took a few weeks of thought.  I didn't necessarily want the photo to have to have been made in that month but I wanted it to 'feel' like that month.  So I thought I would share a few lines of insight on each months selection.  Here is a little of my thought process for the images in the first quarter.


January 2018

Besides the obvious of wanting to introduce the first month with a head shot to introduce Stormy.  What I really liked about this photograph was that he has one ear forward and the other rotated back.  Horses are so expressive with ear direction.  It indicated where their attention is focused.  Here Stormy is both focused on where he is moving forward to and what was behind him.  

So very similar to most of us headed into 2018.  Reflecting on 2017 and yet moving resolutely into 2018.  The wild mane also tells the story of this time of year.  Coming out of the holiday season and getting ready to take a deep breath and relax for a couple of winter months.


Febuary 2018

This photo came out of a 50+ day stretch where I photographed Stormy every day in the same small paddock without an assistant.  Just me and him.  And most days I didn't want to alter his mood or attitude I just wanted to work with what he gave me.  I loved this project because it was a time of year when the ground alternated between snowy and frozen to wet and muddy.  It was the start of me moving from shooting 'pretty' horse images to photographing in a way that made me feel a wide range of emotion. Some days the image was made quickly.  And other days it took hours. Sometimes a second trip to the barn with my camera was needed to make something that really pushed me as a photographer.

This photo is so reminiscent of what a long winters nap feels like to me.  February is typically the strangest weather here in Western Pennsylvania where Stormy & I are located.  I love the way his head is down and his ears are hanging to the side.  His mane is full of dreadnoughts aka witches brooms...which say bed head to me.  


March 2018

Eye and ear forward.  Wind blowing his mane forward.  I love the unpredictability of March.  The change in the season is being blown in on the wind.  

I'll be back in the first part of each month with some commentary and insight on making these photos.  And a little more on Stormy's story too.