Exactly Why My Clients Make My Photographs So Compelling

There are so many great things I love about being a photographer! The obvious is being able to express my artistry through the medium of photography.  The less obvious is my clients….being so real!  Seeing the world and how they love and live, makes me me literally fall in love with their stories.   

So here it is….my list of what makes my clients so amazing!


Equestrian… my favorite clients who take me on a journey into what life looks like behind the scenes with their horse.  The day to day things that show the bond they have with their equine partners.  Grooming, tacking, washing, time practicing along with the fun hacks….the care, love and passion that go into the relationship.  Thank you for trusting me to do my job behind the camera to make sure that you look your best and the passion you put into your horsemanship translates to the camera. The love ALWAYS shines threw.


Canine… my favorite is clients who let your dogs be dogs!  Especially the ones who are slobbery ball players and the puppies who tug on the leash when walking and give big wet kisses.  Thank you for letting it alllll unfold in front of the camera.  The funny looks and pure adoration of your relationship.  I dig that!  Real (sometimes slobbery) life is beautiful!


Lifestyle.. this means you Seniors, Families, and Branding clients.  My favorite clients always put the time into our pre-shoot planning.  I mean WOW!  It ALWAYS ALWAYS shows.  Your individuality is demonstrated through the locations, the clothing choices and the props you gather. We have a trust built at the end of the planning process and it shows in the finished work.  You demonstrate to me over and over that we all have something unique to add to the world.  This is you! This is your story and thank you for embracing that.


Wedding.  So easy to pick exactly what makes it great to work with my clients.  It’s clients who keep it simple and let the LOVE shine. In being fully in the moment on your wedding day. You have each other and thank you for bringing me along to document that.


Keep being you dear clients. Keep showing up in the world and bringing the light and the love. The world needs you.