My Why | Celebrating Life


What motivates my work as a photographer? The short answer…capturing relationship, preserving moments in time, making sure the love and passion my clients feel right now is documented. Now for the long answer.

Indulge me a couple of lines of history first… When I was a young girl, I was blessed to have grandmothers who both loved photography and documenting the world around them (combined with well honed skills). For me it was absolute magic in the gallery wall in my Grandma Janes house. MAGIC. Both posed and candid family photos were hanging, as well as beautiful landscape photos from places visited and loved. It was and is a wall of history, the history of our family. The documentation of generations of relationships. And a demonstration of love and celebration, of place, people, work and animals.

The wall, both 40 years ago and today, has the same power to take me right back and captivate my attention. The beautiful sunset on the beach in Erie, the camping trips, the special Christmas dresses we would wear, my uncles Special Olympic moments, the pride of my Grandfather watching from the stands. Artifacts of a life well lived by people who loved each other. And even though some of them are gone our memories are stronger of them due to the photos we have.

This gallery wall IS us. So yeah….like I said….pure MAGIC. These photographs were my first exposure to the art of photography. They shaped the photographic voice and style I have today. So when I pick up my camera to document a relationship (family lifestyle, wedding, business). Its always with that in mind that this is a living memory of a life well lived and loved.

I have found so much joy in that over the last 10 years of being in business in creating photographs that celebrate life.

The opportunity to document and help to curate your story. It’s an honor and a blessing. Truly.


A little about the above photograph….not everyone is lucky enough to have the first photo they ever took. Here is mine September 1982, age 10 on this Kodak Instamatic X-15. Practicing with a stuffed pony outside the barn.


Flash forward to 2017…35 years….and I’m still here sitting in the pasture outside the same barn with an old camera and expired film. Still practicing. Still documenting life.