Bethanne and John's Romantic Fall Sunday Brunch Wedding at Bella Sera | Pittsburgh PA

There is always something so sweet about a Sunday Brunch wedding. It’s the bridge between eloping and full wedding. Where family and close friends can come a celebrate this most special of occasions.

BethAnne and John’s wonderfully romantic candlelight wedding at Bella Sera in Pittsburgh, PA was no exception to this rule.

Bride coming down long staircase with her father.
Bridesmaids watching her mother walk down the aisle with tears and emotion in her eyes.
Groom and son watching bride and mother come down the aisle with her father.

From the moment that BethAnne was walked down the candle lined steps on her fathers arm the emotion was real. From the expression on her beautiful daughters faces to the glance on BethAnne and John’s son watching the groom. All eyes were on the couple.

Brides son and best man handing the rings for the exchange to the groom
Unique photography angle for the exchange of rings during a wedding.

Pro Photographers note: If there is any possible way for me to sneak around the side with my long lens and get an alternate angle of the rings or the vows being exchanged I do. But only if I can be unobtrusive. This is why I have to be at the church 30 minutes prior to the ceremony. Besides getting the opportunity to review the ceremony with the officiant, it gives me a chance to do a quick survey of unobtrusive places to shoot from. It’s also when I get those fun sneaky candids of guests being seated.

Bella_Sera_Pgh_Romantic_Wedding_Winter (9 of 22).jpg
Fall_Romantic_Wedding_Bridal (11 of 22).jpg

We went right outside of Bella Sera in the parking lot and took advantage of the beautiful late fall grasses to take some of beautiful portraits of the couple and the wedding party. There is typically not a cocktail hour at brunch weddings so we needed to work quickly and get as many photos as we could in 15 minutes.

Fun and unique pose showcasing bridal hair and best assets.

BethAnne’s Maid of Honor wanted to do a little bit of a less traditional pose so that she could utilize her best assets. BethAnne’s choice of color and tone fit the day perfectly…blush, navy, burgundy, pinks and purples. It all came together so lovely on this late fall day in November.

Bella_Sera_Pgh_Romantic_Wedding_Winter (12 of 22).jpg
Beautiful romantic florals from Gold Dust in Pittsburgh PA for a Navy and Blush wedding day.

Feeling the love, having fun with family and friends, and enjoying the beautiful environment that they choose for their wedding day was what Bethanne and John wanted to remember when looking at their wedding photos.

Couple and family having fun during wedding day portraits. Beautifully composed images is compelling.
Bella_Sera_Pgh_Romantic_Wedding_Winter (17 of 22).jpg
Grooms Details with patterned shirt and velvet bow tie.

Not only Bethanne had great style but so did John. From the two tone wing tip shoes, the burgundy velvet bow tie, patterned shirt and a navy custom trailered suite. John is a groom with great wedding day style.

Bella_Sera_Pgh_Romantic_Wedding_Winter (6 of 22).jpg
Navy colored tapers, mixed candlesticks, upgraded lines and beautiful chairs make this wedding reception romantic and soft.

With romantic florals and styling from Gold Dust, beautiful linens and gorgeous navy colored tapers with mix and match candle sticks. The couples romantic wedding day style followed them right into the venue. Where guests were treated to brunch staples such as crepes, a carving station, pastries, omelets and an array of bagels and parfaits. Traditional wedding day elements such as a cake cutting, first dance and speeches rounded out brunch and made sure that it was a wedding to remember.

Bella_Sera_Pgh_Romantic_Wedding_Winter (21 of 22).jpg
Bella_Sera_Pgh_Romantic_Wedding_Winter (22 of 22).jpg