She Who Tells A Story @ CMOA

It’s rare that I have a Saturday off between May and November.  But I was supposed to travel to Saratoga last week….However, you know what they say about the best made plans.

I’ve been wanting to see this exhibition at Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh.  So I took the opportunity to head to town.  What an amazing, moving experience.  

I am in awe of the fortitude and strength it took for these woman to make these photographs.  Some facing exile to do so.  I was in tears while viewing/experiencing Boushra Almutagwakels’‘Mother, Daughter, Doll’.  And Shirin Neshats’ ‘Woman of Allah’ will stay with me always.

I left with a renewed sense that the world needs women to open our hearts to each other.  To love each other.  And to have compassion for each other.  Do not be afraid to try to understand or feel someones circumstances…it is only through love that we can truly understand compassion.

Tami Weingartner