2018 Wild Storm Fine Art Calendar

2018 Wild Storm Fine Art Calendar

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2018 Wild Storm Fine Art Equine Calendar

Exploring the passion of Equus. One horse.  Many moods.

Twelve black and white photographs, printed on 5x7 premium thick fine art paper with a monthly calendar.  A second option includes the calendar plus brass display easel.  (The easel is a beautiful way to display the calendar and is perfectly suited for those who like an aesthetically minimal design.  If you choose to forgo it the calendar will fit in any 5x7 frame.  Or looks lovely on a pin board.)

The photographs selected for this limited edition calendar include 5 images that will be released in 2018 as fine art prints.  Wild Storm, aka "Stormy", as a muse is a complex character.  Each photograph was made utilizing either film or digital camera in Stormy's paddock located in New Wilmington, PA with the exception of the December photograph which was made in his stable.  Being in the field with him alone in the early hours of the morning was at times a bit daunting as his mood ranged from playful to naughty to serene.  The photographs selected reflect his multifaceted personality.

As a bonus, an email will be sent at the beginning of each month in 2018 with a description as to why that photo was chosen for that particular month.  Along with updates and additional photos of Stormy.  Please make sure to opt-in on the email list when the confirmation comes for you to do so.  

A lifetime of passion for horses (along with years of honing my craft as a photographer) has brought me to this place as an artist where I'm able to show the complexity that is a horse at liberty.  Stormy came to me in the most serendipitous manner and I look forward to sharing his story with you.

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